Interview: Mostly Metal Dezember 2022
Thanks to Mostly Metal! we spent a very nice evening talking about our band, music and lyrics

Interview: Guitar Magazin Dezember 2022
A dream come true! our very own Oliver Strosetzki had a whole page interview in the last issue of Guitar Magazin

Review: November 2022
Thanks to our friends of for this great review!

Review: Guitar Magazin Oktober 2022
Very generous review of our album „Lagrimas“ 4,5/5 Stars!

Review: Pupilo Dilatado September 2022
Another long review with a 90% score! in Spanish

Radio: El Behringer del Capi – Programa 341 September 2022
Our friend El Capi played us again at „El Behringer del Capi“ his internet radio show

Review: Science of Noise August 2022
A long and thorough dossier about the band and new record in Spanish

Review: Metal Hammer Heroes of the month July 2020
This is a dream come true, an extensive review and interview at Metal Hammer Germany, here is the review and the cover page, we’ll always remember this!

Blog: Curt: Unser M√ľnchen blog 09.06.2020
A new review by Curt in detail

Radio interview: Rock Antenne #saveyourlocalband 03.06.2020
Our very own Oliver was interviewed live at Rock Antenne, Germany’s biggest Rock radio station, also our song Tierra Quemada was played afterwards

Print: Classic Rock Magazine „Kingdom of the Sun“ E.P. Review June 2020
And yet another review, this time from Classic Rock

Bandcamp: Bandcamp user about our E.P. June 2020
A really nice short review by Bucky

Print: guitar Magazin – „Kindom of the Sun“ E.P. Review June 2020
Our E.P. was reviewed by the prestigous guitar Magazin 4 out 5 Stars!!

Review: News 18.05.2020
Our E.P. and our band is introduced to the public in the News section

Radio: Nachtflug – Sendung von 15.05.2020
We’re featured at this internet radio station on Friday May 15th 10pm

Blog: guitar Magazin  #stayhomemakemusicAktion 11.05.2020
Our guitar player Olli showing his skills and they way to play the Soul Beggars‘ solo for the guitar Magazin Germany

Blog: DenpaFuzz – Recomendaciones de la semana10.05.2020
Our EP is included in this week’s listening recommendations at DenpaFuzz the home of psychodelic sounds. Read the whole Review here

Print: Buchloer Zeitung 06.05.202
Short interview with Pablo about what the band is planing to do during the COVID19 crisis and what will happen afterwards

Radio: El Behringer del Capi – Programa 250 23.04.2020
Our friend El Capi played us at „El Behringer del Capi“ his internet radio show